About Us

Learn more about Hamza Digital and the team that could help you improve your Customer Experience (CX)


We’re the eCommerce Customer Experience (CX) Agency for Shopify businesses. This means we focus obsessively on improving your CX pre, during and post purchase. By doing this, we help you increase the most important eCommerce metrics for long term growth.

You’ll find all of the skills and experience you’d expect from a leading Shopify agency - design, development and marketing. Rather than looking at these as different, neat functions, we use all of them to improve your Customers Experience of your store and brand.

Core Values


We listen carefully, respond openly and break down complexity.


We work as part of a clients team, and focus on the team goals, not individuals.


We focus on creating success, with rigorous processes and accountability.

Hamza Shahbaz

Founder & CEO

Hamza's background is firmly rooted in Shopify and e-commerce. Having initially worked as a freelance designer and developer in the infancy of Shopify, Hamza has extensive knowledge of the platform and its capabilities for growing an online brand.

As Lead Consultant, Hamza works on ensuring that the delivery of Hamza Digital client projects and growth partnerships meet the high standards set by the business. Hamza also works closely with all Hamza Digital clients to understand and establish how best to grow their Shopify based business.